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Find all POI's of the City displayed on the map. Using the distance function you will be able to decide which is your next POI you are gonna visit!


MostarGuide all you need for your tripp in Mostar!

MostarGuide is a city guide which helps you to plan and decide which is your next location to visit in the city. For all tourists and Mostar visitors who wannt to learn about Mostar and want to get to know Mostar, this is a helpful tool to manage they tripp!

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Which Services?

City POI's

Find all POIs in the City. Even the secret one!

Distance function

Check the distance of the next POI, dependend of your current position!

POI's in Releation

POI's which are standing in releation to each other can be filtered!

POI information

Short information to each POI with link to detailed wiki descriptions

Locations around Mostar and Happenings which have to be visited!

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Let's Get In Touch!

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our guides, give us suggestions for new POI's, or to just say hello!